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Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances

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Small Business Loans and Business Loan Refinancing

PowerUp Lending Group specializes in helping companies quickly gain the financial assistance they need, either through new small business loans or consolidating existing business loans and extending the term.

Our loan are repaid from daily receipts at a fixed, daily amount, dependent upon the term and size of the loan. They are custom designed to each client in order for us to help you successfully manage your business and to fulfill your financial needs while offering you comfortable daily payments. 

Equipment Supply Firm Loans
Retail Store Loans

merchant Cash Advance MERCHANT CASH ADVANCES

The cash to keep your business
moving forward

If you are looking for a fast, flexible alternative to traditional business loans, a merchant cash advance, or ACH loan, could be right for you. Our advances are made against future credit card receipts and are recouped according to a fixed sum on a daily basis.

Simply click on the link below to get started or call our team at 1-888-705-3004. They are on hand to assist you with any questions you may have or to assist you in completing an application.

Do you qualify for funding?

Our qualifications make it fast and easy to get the funding you need and get back to business.

✔  In Business for at least 6 months      
✔  Personal Credit Score of 500+      
✔  Trending Annual Revenue of $100,000+

We do not fund start-ups. You must fulfill the above criteria to be eligible for a PowerUp Business Loan.

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Our Typical Borrowers

  • Accounting Firm Loans
    Accounting Firm Loans
  • Car Dealership Loans
    Car Dealership Loans
  • Convenience Store Loans
    Convenience Store Loans
  • Creative Agency Loans
    Creative Agency Loans
  • Dry Cleaner Loans
    Dry Cleaner Loans
  • Equipment Supply Firm Loans
    Equipment Supply Firm Loans
  • Gas Station Loans
    Gas Station Loans
  • debt consolidation loans
    Insurance Company Loans
  • IT Company Loans
    IT Company Loans
  • Manufacturing Company Loans
    Manufacturing Company Loans
  • Medical Office Loans
    Medical Office Loans
  • Medical Supply Company Loans
    Medical Supply Company Loans
  • Pharmacy Loans
    Pharmacy Loans
  • Restaurant Loans
    Restaurant Loans
  • Retail Store Loans
    Retail Store Loans
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